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Thank you for stopping by! For those of you who don't know me, hopefully this little tidbit of information will help give you an idea of who the face behind the camera is! First off, my name is Jessica Miller. I stole the last name of the most amazingly handsome human being in the universe, Zachary Allan Miller. If you ever see a bearded fella (pictured frolicking through the sand with me) following me around with handfuls of photography equipment, that is most likely Zach. The rest of our little family consists of our four furbabies- Sherlock the Husky, and Watson, Eevee, & Melinda the cats. They keep our daily lives entertaining for sure. Maybe one day I'll get a photo of them all together, but for now you can gaze upon Watson's majestic self in our bathtub. 

Photography has been an interest of mine ever since I got my hands on my great grandmother's old polaroid camera. Throughout my childhood, I was captivated by how photographs allowed me to vividly relive experiences that would have otherwise been forgotten. With the encouragement of my extremely supporting friends and family,  I've decided to make photography more than just a hobby of mine, and have been capturing memories for people since 2015. I hope that I can help others preserve their most precious memories in a way that allows them to relive some of the greatest moments in their lives- years and years down the road.

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